Hecheng Team

Beijing Hecheng nuoxin Technology Co., Ltd. is subordinate to hanlinhui service system under TCL group. It was officially incorporated in April 2018 to conduct business for Apple enterprise customers. Through years of hard work, we have gained Apple authorized enterprise distributor ( AAER ), Apple authorized service provider ( ASP ), Apple authorized training provider ( AATP ), etc. At present, it has become one of Apple's most influential partners in China.

Team Introduction

Business leader

AE leader: Master daily business promotion status, daily report, provide real-time business request support, summarize and coordinate supply and service project management; Carry out targeted business development according to the customers assigned by the Department, understand the information of each customer, business type, procurement demand, intention product consultation and quotation, project communication, specific appointment preparation and solve key demand analysis; Customer scheme classification, planning, promotion plan, process prediction, initiate customer key point discussion.

Support staff

Head of ASP: carry out daily management according to the business requirements of the service department: process, compliance and summary;
ASP Engineer: operate in strict accordance with daily procedures and complete the specified service request and training on time;
ASP assistant: do a good job in the daily registration management of service events, equipment warehousing registration, timely sort out the inventory of accessories products, timely complete the financial work requirements, etc.


Customer development, completion of daily business indicators, appointment scheme introduction, demand collection, scheme referral and feedback.


Presentation of key technical points, scheme prefabrication, scheme and product customization, demand collection, implementation of training plan and cooperation with AE business support request.

Join Us

The company attaches importance to the cultivation of employees' professional ability and encourages and supports employees to achieve their career goals through work.
We welcome you who are honest, enthusiastic, tenacious, efficient and innovative to join us!

Account Manager    
( Salary 10-15k/month )

Education background: junior college degree or above
Working years: more than 2 years


  • Sales background in PC industry and rich experience in enterprise cooperation are preferred;
  • Have a definite understanding of the model configuration of electric products, especially Apple products;
  • Have the ability of market analysis and good customer service awareness;
  • Outgoing personality, strong communication skills and negotiation skills;
  • Responsible with strong compressive energy.

Job responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the development and maintenance of new enterprise customers in the region, master and feed back market trends, sell computer hardware equipment and other office electrical equipment procurement;
  • Regularly visit and establish good customer relationship, and complete annual / quarterly / annual sales targets;
  • Participate in the bidding process of enterprise customers and finally promote sales;
  • Complete other tasks assigned by the superior.

Technical Engineer    
( Salary 5-7k/month )

Education background: junior college degree or above
Working years: more than 2 years


  • College degree or above, with graduation certificate;
  • Science major is preferred;
  • Sincere, diligent, determined learning ability and pressure resistance.

Job responsibilities:

  • Be responsible for the maintenance and inspection of ASP after-sales store;
  • ASP store routine maintenance;
  • Correct and effective implementation of various business processes, management standards and system operations;
  • Take the initiative to participate in training courses, meet the requirements of Apple and pass relevant examinations;
  • Complete other tasks assigned by the superior.

The above positions are recruited in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Contact:Ms. Jiang 15711377655       Mr. Li 13683322157